May 31, 2018

Husk Fired Boiler | Internal Furnace Top Feeding Boilers Types & Advantages

Husk Fired Boiler: Internal Furnace Top Feed Steam Boilers

Internal Furnace Top Feed Husk Fired Boiler is said so because of their unique automatic fuel feeding from the top of the Internal Furnace boiler. Until now automatic feeding was only possible in case of an external furnace where the furnace is not a part of the boiler.

Thermodyne Engineering Systems has a dedicated team of qualified researchers and designers who always strive for the best and unique designs. This Husk Fired Steam boiler shows the true example of engineering concepts used in practice.

Husk Fired Boilers : Top Feeding Steam Boiler

Design of Husk Fired ( Internal Furnace Top Feeding ) Steam Boiler :

They are basically used for feeding Rice Husk because of its low density. Their design is exactly the same as our INTECH (smoke tube type internal furnace boilers) models where the furnace and smoke tubes are an internal part of the boiler.

Combustion of fuel takes place inside a furnace where most of the radiation heat transfer occurs between flue gases and water while convective heat transfer dominates when flue gases are traveling at high velocity inside the tubes.

Main differences in the design when compared to internal furnace boilers:

Fuel Feeding Mechanism

Rice Husk is fed into a hopper placed above the ducting, connecting the boiler at one end and the Forced Draft Fan at the other. High-Pressure air is sent from the fan via ducting. A damper is provided to manually regulate the flow. Just below a hopper, a low-pressure zone is created by high-velocity air which is responsible for pulling the rice husk into the ducting.

Then the rice husk gets carried by the high-pressure air to the top of the shell where it is fed into a furnace through a narrow passage. This is how the rice husk is fed automatically into a boiler furnace. Fuel feeding is regulated according to the steam capacity requirement and the fuel is regulated by the air flow through a forced draft fan.

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Type of Internal Furnace Top Feed Boilers

Thermodyne manufactures 3 types of Internal Furnace Top Feed Boilers which are categorized as same as in case of our INTECH models:

  • Dry Back
  • Semi Wet Back
  • Wet Back

For more information related to their types please visit the above links.

Thermodyne has a wide experience in manufacturing Internal Furnace Top Feed Boilers. We have both national as well as the international client who is very well satisfied with its working performance.

Intech Top Feed: Packaged Boilers Advantages:

  • Feeding is done automatically.
  • No manual interference of any kind is required, only the fuel is fed initially into a hopper.
  • Since the furnace is enclosed from the front and the rear end, there are no radiation losses.
  • Fuel efficiency is high.
  • Fuel is fed equally into a furnace thereby leading to effective combustion of rice husk.

Intech Top Feed Husk Boiler: Packaged Boilers Capacity:

Intech Top Feed – Three Pass Internal Furnace Top Feeding Packaged Type Boiler is available in Capacities Ranging from 0.3 TPH to 6 TPH for Rice Husk.

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