May 31, 2016

Industrial Electric Electrode Boiler | Product Model : Electra

Industrial Electric Boiler ( Model: Electra)

Electra or Industrial Electric Boiler or electrode type steam boilers are a unique type of design where you do not have to worry about any fuel and it’s handling problems because they do not use any fuel for heating. You also don’t have to worry about the pollution norms, since fuel is not required so flue gases will not be generated which are generally the main sources of pollution.
industrial Electric Boiler

             Electrode Type Boilers – Electra | Electrode Boilers

Overall, Electra is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, ready to start boilers which can also be installed in a closed area or room and requires very less space.

Electrode Type Boiler | Electrical Boiler | Electra

Working of Our Industrial Electric Boiler Model Electra

As the name implies, Electra or Electrode type boilers require electrode which acts as a good conductor to transfer electricity from main supplies to water. Electra Boiler works on a principle of electrical resistance and here water acts as a resistance in the path of electricity.

As the electrical load increases at the supply, the amount of current drawn from the electrodes will increase. So higher the current, higher will be the rate of heat dissipation to water thereby converting water to steam.

This rate of heat dissipation will determine the rate of conversion of water to steam and since there is minimal or no electrical losses all the heat is dissipated directly into the water thereby making them the most efficient boilers.

Electra – Electrode Type Steam Boilers (Electrode Boilers) Construction

ELECTRA – Electrode Type steam boilers (Industrial Electric Boiler) are manufactured as a packaged unit mounted and a chassis, the installation comprises the fitting of the steam pipe, cold feed, blowdown, drain, safety valve, air vent pipe and the connection of the electrical supply.

The current source consists of specially designed electrodes in the form of scrolls in order to maximize the electrodes area. Automatic controls for high steam pressures and the high and low water level inside the boiler shell are provided through a fully pre-wired control panel thereby making the operation highly user-friendly and easy.

The water fills in the Steam Boiler shell and as soon as the water comes in contact with the electrodes, the current in the system rises and due to short-circuiting in this system. An amount of energy (proportional to the magnitude of the current flow) is released, heating up the water surrounding it and generating steam.

Advantages Of Electra – Electrode Type Steam Boilers

  • Compact size
  • Safe, easy-to-use heat source – no on-site products of combustion.
  • No emissions to the atmosphere, hence Eco-friendly
  • Easy and quick to install, they require only water connection and electrical hook-up.
  • Steam available at the flip of a switch.
  • Highly efficient design with minimum losses.
  • Designed as per IBR 1950, duly approved by the IBR inspectorate.

The capacity of Our Electric Boiler 

Electra – Electrode Type Boiler is available in steam capacities from 50 Kg/hr to 1320 Kg/hr

Electra – Industrial Electric Boiler Intro Video

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