May 31, 2016

Hot Water Generator-Instatherm

Hot Water Generator – Instatherm 

Hot Water Generator – Instatherm, is the efficient and cost-effective way to generate hot water instantly. Hot Water GeneratorIt is a packaged type, silent and instant hot water generator. It is designed exclusively catering to the hot water requirements of Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts, swimming pools, Dairies, Laundries and various other process industries.

Hot Water Generator can be pressurized or non-pressurized depending on the required temperature of water.

If the required water temperature is below 100ºC, then the Hot Water Generator need not be pressurized as the boiling point of water at atmospheric pressure is 100ºC while If the required water temperature is above 100ºC, then the Hot Water Generators must be pressurized and its pressure depend upon the required outlet temperature along with factor of safety.

Hot Water Generator -Instatherms Construction

Our Instatherms-Hot Water Generators are designed with high precautions such as safety valve is provided at the top of a shell so that shell pressure does not exceed its design pressure.

Depending on the Capacity of Hot Water Generator, required outlet temperature of hot water and the type of fuel to be used determine the design of Hot Water Generator. Generally, Instatherm is a shell and tube, smoke tube type design but smaller capacities can be made in a coil type, water tube design.

The multiple passes of flue gases ensure maximum efficiency thereby Hot Water Generators providing low operational costs.

Heating Options for Hot Water Generators

  • Liquid Fuels – Light oil / Heavy oil
  • Gaseous fuels – LPG or CNG
  • Solid Fuels – Coal or Wood or Briquettes
  • Electrical operation – Element heaters or Electrodes

Advantages of Hot Water Generators:

  • Fully automatic unit
  • Trouble free operation
  • Outside the purview of IBR.
  • High system efficiency
  • Minimum site works and ease of installation
  • Can operate on the variety of fuels as per local availability

Capacity of Instatherm (Hot Water Generators Manufactured by Thermodyne):-

Instatherm (Hot Water Generators) is available in capacities from 30,000 Kcal/hr to 10 Lac Kcal/hr.

Hot Water Generator: Instatherm

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