Instatherm – Hot Water Generator

Instatherm is the efficient and cost-effective way to generate hot water instantly. It is a packaged type, silent and instant hot water generator. It is designed exclusively catering to the hot water requirements of Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts, swimming pools, Dairies, Laundries and various other process industries.


Hot Water Generator comes in both coil type, water tube, and shell & tube type smoke tube designs. The multiple passes of flue gases ensure maximum efficiency thereby Hot Water Generator providing low operational costs.

Heating Options

  • Liquid Fuels – Light oil / Heavy oil
  • Gaseous fuels – LPG or CNG
  • Solid Fuels – Coal or Wood or Briquettes
  • Electrical operation – Element heaters or Electrodes


  • Fully automatic unit
  • Trouble free operation
  • Outside the purview of IBR.
  • High system efficiency
  • Minimum site works and ease of installation
  • Can operate on variety of fuels as per local availability


Instatherm (Hot Water Generator) is available in capacities from 30,000 Kcal/hr to 10 Lac Kcal/hr.