FD Fan

ID and FD Fan


FD Fan

Industrial Fans And Blowers

In a boiler Industrial Fans And Blowers i.e. FD(Forced Draft) fan is used to draw air into combustion of the boiler, where it mixes with the fuel being supplied in the combustion chamber. FD fan is used to regulate appropriate amount of air to fuel ratio in combustion chamber to maximise the fuel efficiency.

ID(Induced Draft) fans are used in industrial boilers to draw flue gases from the combustion chamber and through the rest of the boiler system to the stack. ID fan is always located between chimney and dust collector.

Specially designed, high-efficiency fans are offered for all boiler applications:

  • Forced draft & Induced draft fans for Boilers
  • Range varies from 1000 m3/hr to 50,000 m3/hr flow and up to 300°temperature
  • Can be offered with Variable speed controls depending upon specific requirements.

All impellers are dynamically balanced before fitments to give trouble-free operation.