Steam Pressure Reducing Stations

Steam Pressure Reducing Stations

Thermodyne Engineering Systems provide Steam pressure reducing stations (PRS) for process application of Steam at a pressure lower than that of steam generation pressure of the main boiler.

Pressure reducing stations (PRS) is a set of valves ¬†that is used to provide desired¬† steam pressure at user’s end. Steam enters the PRS at a higher pressure than what is required for specific applications, and the PRS reduces the pressure of the steam to the desired level before delivering to those applications.

Thermodyne pressure reducing stations (PRS) is a pre-engineered unit having reliable quality components for trouble free service. Most of the process industries use steam at different pressures for different applications. Hence, a properly sized pressure reducing stations (PRS) is required for efficient distribution of steam with minimum losses.


  • Rugged design
  • Instance response to pressure changes
  • Compact design
  • Ready to install i.e. lower installation cost
  • IBR and Non-IBR PRS are also available
  • No maintenance cost