PCRM-pressurized condensate recovery system

Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module


Our Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module system serves you the following advantages:

  • Whole condensate is recovered
  • No Flash steam loss
  • Minimal make-up water requirement
  • Prevents loss of mass / quantity of condensate
  • Reduced water treatment cost for make-up water
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to high feed water temperature
  • Increased steam output of the existing Boiler
  • Excellent Return on investments

Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module

Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module includes energy saving, water treatment charges & also includes calculations for potential savings.

In this energy conscious environment, one always looks forward to save and reuse the maximum possible magnitude of energy. Returning the highest possible percentage of condensate to the boiler offers an exceptional return on the investments by helping to cut energy and maintenance costs. This pressurized system also ensures a considerable enhancement in the Boiler operation efficiency.

Steam is mainly generated for the following reasons

When 1 kg steam condenses completely, 1kg condensate is formed at the same pressure and temperature. Saturated steam when fed to the process, gives up its latent heat afterwards, which is a too large proportion of the total heat it contains. The remainder of the heat in the steam is retained in the condensate as the sensible heat. Now this condensate is fed to the Boiler along with the feed water coming from the feed pump, so the net temperature of the water entering the Boiler shell is way beyond the one without the Condensate recovery. For steam generation, the net energy requirement of the water goes down, leading to lesser fuel consumption, hence the savings which gets compounded every year.


Saturated steam is used for heating to gives up its latent heat, which is a too large proportion of the total heat its contain. The remainder of the heat in the steam is retained in the condensate as sensible heat in fig.


Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module (PCRM) is also a unique system wherein the condensate generated from your process is fed back under pressure directly to the boiler, unlike any other conventional condensate recovery system where the condensate is discharged at atmospheric pressure. Also by reducing the amount of fresh make up water entering the Boiler, reduces the amount of water treatment required. Condensate being distilled in quality (almost no TDS) also reduces the Blow down frequency, again operational cost savings.

It also prevents

Unstable temperature control, Product quality problems, Excessive corrosion of heating surfaces, Water hammer, Noisy operation, Equipment damage.

So, it can be concluded that the Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module is an all round energy saver with an amazingly short payback period.