June 2, 2016

Industrial Boiler Products

Hot Water Generators is designed for several industrial hot water requirements of hospitality Industry,Hotels, Restaurants ,Hospitals, Resorts, Swimming pools, Dairies, and  Laundries.

Packaged Boiler  is suitable steam boiler product for a manual firing of coal, wood and other solid fuels as boiler fuel. This steam boiler comes in dry back, semi-wet back, and fully wet-back Models.

WHRB Boiler : In Waste Heat Recovery Boilers ( WHR Boilers), Waste heat from the steam generation process of Diesel generator sets is utilized to generate steam in this type of steam boiler product.

Wet Scrubber Manufacturers in India

Wet Scrubber  used to manage scrubbing action of gases in contact with water to scrub off dirt particles or harmful gases  ( such as SO& Ash particles) that cause air pollution in power Plant.

Thermic Fluid Heater

Thermic Fluid Heater is generally used in Food processing industries, Rubber and plastics industries, Publishing and print industries, Metal fabrication and finishing plants, Paper industries, Textile industries etc

Steam Accumulators

Steam Accumulators are generally designed for Steam load requirement according to Customer's need. Steam Accumulator is a steam storage tanks or Pressure Vessels.

Single Pass Boiler

Single Pass Boilers are External Furnace shell and tube type multi fuel Steam Boilers. generally designed for All Process Industries. Our Model Name is Agromax.

Oil or Gas Fired Boiler

Oil or Gas Fired Boiler is unique design 3 pass Internal Furnace Smoke Tube type Steam Boilers. generally designed for All Process Industries. Our Model Name is Savemax.

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Industrial Steam Boilers & Accessories

Internal Furnace Boiler

Packaged Boiler is basically used in Plywood, Food Processing industries, paper industries, milk, and dairy industry, Rubber, and plastic industries etc. it is an internal furnace boiler...


Hot Air Boiler

Hot Air Generators or Boilers are the unique design highly efficient, most effective hot air generator. Our model name is Thermair.  It is used in plyboard industries, sugarcane industries, chemical industries etc...

Electrode Type Boiler

Electric boiler is the unique design, Pollution less, environment-friendly,  minimum site works, Energy efficient electrode type boilers. Our model name is ELECTRA. It is also known as electrode boiler.

Combi Ultra Boiler

Combi Ultra boiler is the compact design skid mounted industrial steam boilers. It is used in Food processing industries, Rubber industries, Metal fabrication and finishing plants, Paper industries, Textile industries etc.

Coil Type Boilers are working in "reverse-flow" principals. It is called Revosteam Boilers. Thermodyne Manufacture IBR and Non-IBR Revosteam Boilers


Combi Boiler for Rubber Industry

Combi Boilers are combination boilers or combitherm boiler. It is a combination of water tube boilers and smoke tube boilers. It is a unique design water wall membrane type boilers.

Boiler Economizer is a device which is used in boilers for increasing the efficiency of the Boilers.

Baby Boiler

Small Industrial Boilers or Baby Boilers are a compact design fuel saving and environment-friendly steam boilers. It is Non - IBR Boilers.

Husk fired Top feed steam boilers are Internal

Furnace Top Feed Boilers. It is IBR Packaged Boilers.


High Pressure Boilers (Model Name: Powertherm) are mostly water tube boilers. It is available in Capacity 10 TPH - 25 TPH.

Thermodyne also manufactures boilers accessories like Industrial Fans and Blowers. Read More...

Boiler Drum
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