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Know About Small Industrial Boiler ( SIB)

small boilers or SIB’s or abbreviated as Small Industrial Boiler are also known as steam generating units. As per the Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 of Reg. 618-622 Chapter XIV states that:-

  • Any shell type steam generating boiler under the pressure of up to 7 Kg/cm2 and having a volumetric capacity of all pressure parts connected to the same boiler is greater than 25 Litres but less than 500 Litres are known as shell type Small Industrial Boilers.
  • A coil type, water tube or once-through boilers under the pressure of up to 12 Kg/cm2 and having the volumetric capacity of all pressure parts connected to the same boiler not exceeding 150 Litres are known as coil type Small Industrial Steam Boilers.
Baby Boiler or Small Industrial Boilers

Baby Boiler Manufactured by Thermodyne

Baby Boiler Manufacturer in India

Thermodyne Engineering System has an experience of around 20 years of manufacturing both shell type and coil type Small Industrial Steam Boilers. We have manufactured and supplied Small or Baby Industrial Boilers to many clients around the world.

Small Boiler

                                                       Small Industrial Steam Boiler

Type of Small Industrial Boilers:

Shell type Small Boiler

Our shell type SIB’s are same as internal furnace smoke tube type boilers can be used to burn almost all solid fuels i.e., wood, coal, Briquettes, etc. and all liquid/gaseous fuels i.e., LDO, HSD, Natural Gas, etc. All liquid/gaseous fuels are burnt automatically using a burner while solid fuels are fed manually into the boiler furnace.

The boiler consists of the furnace where radiation heat transfer takes place and smoke tubes where convection heat transfer takes place. The space in the surrounding of furnace and tubes are filled with water which allows maximum heat to be dissipated into it.

The extra steam space is provided at the top of the shell to provide good quality steam to the process.

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Coil type Small Boiler

Our Coil type SIBs or Once through SIBs consist of the coil formed by bending the tubes. These are generally automatic boilers that run on oil and gas fuels by mounting the burner on the shell end plate. These boilers can be horizontal or vertical depending upon the space requirement.

In coil type boiler, water flows inside the coil tube and flue gases are on the shell side so they are also known as water tube boilers. Here the water tube coils are in direct contact with radiation as well as convection heat zones and are therefore the most efficient boilers.

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Applications of Small Steam Boiler:

  1. Plywood industries
  2. Ricemill machinery
  3. Dairy
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Textile industries
  6. Food Processing
  7. Chemical industries
  8. Construction
  9. Hotel
  10. Hospital
  11. Rubber industries etc.

Standard Capacity of Small Industrial Steam Boiler:

Small Industrial Boiler: Oil/Gas Fired Boiler is available in capacities from 100 Kg/Hr to 1500 Kg/Hr

Fuel Used in Baby Industrial Boiler:

  1. Liquid Fuel:
    • Heavy Oil
    • Light Oil
    • Gaseous Fuel
    • Natural Gas
  1. Solid Fuel:
    • Wood
    • Briquettes
    • Coal

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