May 31, 2016

Single Pass Boiler With External Furnace-Agromax

Single Pass Boiler With External Furnace-Agromax

single pass boiler-agromax

                          Single Pass Boiler-Agromax

Thermodyne Engineering System manufactures Agromax Model which is a Single Pass External Furnace Shell and Tube type boiler with multiple solid fuel-fired options. Our Single-pass Shell and tube design have comparable efficiencies as compared to two pass and three Pass designs.

The Agromax external refractory-lined chamber, which is in customer’s scope, will act as a combustion chamber. Combustion Chamber or Furnace is a place where combustion of fuel takes place. Complete combustion, as well as the optimum heat release in a furnace, depends upon the type of fuel for which the furnace is designed. Grate area and the Furnace Volume are the important factors which determine the high fuel combustion efficiency. The furnace is generally insulated with refractory from the inside as well as the rockwool or glasswool insulation from the outside to prevent heat losses to the surrounding environment.

In the Single Pass Boilers with External Furnace system, flue gases are generated from the combustion of fuel. After leaving the furnace flue gases to enter the boiler through a smoke chamber. Here the flue gases travel at an optimum velocity in smoke tubes to achieve maximum heat transfer to water. Both sensible as well as the latent heat is transferred from flue gases to water to convert it into steam. Our single pass boiler is designed in such a way so as to recover maximum heat possible and decreasing the outlet flue gas temperature to the minimum thereby obtaining the same and sometimes more effective as in multi-pass boilers.

heat recovery unit such as Air and Water pre-heater also increases the efficiency of the boiler by utilizing the waste heat from the flue gases which are going out from the boiler.


  1. Minimum maintenance and Insulation cost
  2. Easy cleaning of the flue gas surface area of the Boiler
  3. Can burn inferior agro – waste fuels to use
  4. Large water and steam area and provides a quick response to unsteady steam in demand

The capacity of Single Pass Boiler:-

Single Pass Boiler-Agromax, with External Furnace, is accessible in capacities from 1 TPH to 4 TPH.

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