Agromax – Solid Fuel Fired Boiler


Agromax – The Single Pass Boilers With External Furnace are a multiple solid fuel fired boilers in shell & tube type. The Agromax external refractory-lined chamber (in customer’s scope) will burn kind of solid fuels likes badasses, coals, rice husks, saw-dusts, woods, groundnut shells etc. thereby giving flexibility and simple operation. The Agromax – The Single Pass Boilers With External Furnace system operates on balanced draft and therefore, the flue gases from the chamber travel through the smoke tubes within the shells & tubes type boilers, thereby manufacturing steams at the low value. A heat recovery unit within the type of an Air or Water pre-heater is also provided to reinforce the potency of the systems by convalescent waste heat from flue gases going out of the boiler.


  • Low initial investment to the installation & maintenance
  • Easy clean-up of flue surfaces of area of the Boilers
  • Can burn inferior agro – waste fuels to use
  • Large convective heating surface within the tubes ensures glorious heat transfer
  • Large water holding and steam holding area offers a quick response to unsteady steam demands.
  • Dry steam reduces the interval, saves steam and improves quality of processed product


Agromax – The Single Pass Boiler With External Furnace is accessible in capacities from 1 TPH to 4 TPH.