May 31, 2016

Single Pass Boiler With External Furnace-Agromax

single pass boiler-agromax

single pass boiler-agromax

Agromax is a Single Pass External Furnace Shell and Tube type boiler with multiple solid fuel-fired options. The Agromax external refractory-lined chamber, which is in customer’s scope, will burn kind of solid fuels like bagasse, coals, rice husks, saw-dusts, woods, groundnut shells etc. thereby giving flexibility and simple operation. In this Single Pass Boilers with External Furnace system, the flue gases travel from the chamber through the smoke tubes within the shells & tubes type boilers, thereby generating steams at the low cost. A heat recovery unit within the type of Air and Water pre-heater also increases the potential of the boiler by using the waste heat from flue gases which are going out of the boiler.


  1. Minimum maintenance and Insulation cost
  2. Easy cleaning of the flue gas surface area of the Boiler
  3. Can burn inferior agro – waste fuels to use
  4. Large water and steam area and provides a quick response to unsteady steam in demand

Capacity of Single Pass Boiler:-

Single Pass Boiler-Agromax, with External Furnace, is accessible in capacities from 1 TPH to 4 TPH.


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