June 3, 2016

Process Tanks: Applications & Manufacturer in India

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Process Tanks and Storage Tanks

Process tanks are any tanks that are used in a process for either storage of fuels, transportation of fluids either at high/normal pressure and temperature, storage of fluids at high/normal temperature or pressure and tanks that maintain the temperature of fluid at constant temperature by providing heating or cooling coils.


Process tanks in boilers

Process tanks in boilers

Our tanks serve multipurpose for mixing of 2 fluids or mixing of fluids which are at different temperatures.


Thermodyne Engineering System design, manufacture and have commissioned successfully almost all types of process tanks for storage of the variety of fluids. Tanks supplied by us have been installed at some of the leading Process industries both in India and Abroad.

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Thermodyne have an experience in manufacturing tanks of various sizes and shapes which includes cylindrical shells having flat, hemispherical, torispherical and elliptical ends.

We have also manufactured tanks of various materials including MS, SS-304, SS-316 that suits the customer’s requirements and applications. Our tanks undergo quality check at extreme conditions.

Along with the Boiler we also provide tanks for your turnkey project which can be used to

  • Store Feed Water
  • Fuel
  • Condensate
  • Steam, etc.

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Process Tanks Applications

  • Fuel hold and storage tanks
  • Cold/hot water tanks for boilers
  • Hot water calorifier tanks with heating coils
  • Chemical storage tanks with agitators
  • Transportation Tanks
  • Mixing Tanks.
  • Pressure Vessels.
  • Tank for other fluids

Process tanks in various industries

  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Sugar Mills
  • Breweries
  • Other process industries

CThe capacity of  Thermodyne Process Tanks

Process Tank capacities range from 100 litres up to 1,00,000 litres

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