combitherm ultra 1

Combitherm – Ultra Boilers (CTM – Ultra)

Combi Boiler / Combitherm Ultra Boilers

Combitherm Ultra Boilers are factory assembled unit, installed on a skid base frame requiring minimum site work for installation. This steam boiler too, operates on the function of both water and smoke tube combination type steam boiler. This unique and compact design is one its kind, with amazing fuel feeding flexibility (wood, coal, briquettes, petcoke, rice husk etc.) and redefined water & flue gas circulation for enhanced heat transfer to achieve maximum operational effectiveness.



  • Skid –mounted water –cum-smoke tube boiler-Requires very less floor area & site work
  • Multi –fuel options-Total flexibility
  • Available in both manual and automatic fuel feeding systems.
  • Factory assembled boiler including ducting, insulation, refractory work, structure work etc.
  • Easy installation & Low maintenance
  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection
1. Pre insulated Site work not involved Easy installation time saving
2. Skid mounted No special foundation required Lower cost Space saving
3. All ducting provided as standard No site work involved Easy installation Time saving
4. Site erection & commissioning Very less fabrication involved Time saving only assembly at site required