June 11, 2016

What We Do

What We Do

What We Do – In today’s competitive markets, industries need to contain their energy costs. Higher energy costs reduce profits and in some cases may even make the business uncompetitive. This is where we can contribute. We can help by saving upto 30% of the fuel cost by providing high-efficiency boilers, an Energy consultancy, and customized heating solutions.

During the last 17 years, more than 700 customers like L&T, Reliance, Merino & Goodluck have benefited from our products & services. Fuel savings are not only important for margins, but also for the environment. Industry can count on Thermodyne because we believe in Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Our product portfolio consists of:

  1. Power Therm
  2. Intech
  3. Combitherm
  4. Combitherm Ultra
  5. Revosteam
  6. Fluidtherm
  7. Wastetherm
  8. Hot Water/Air Generator
  9. Electra
  10. Technical Support

Power Therm:
These full water tube design boilers for high-pressure steam requirements. Water circulation through the boiler may be either natural circulation due to density difference or by forced circulation.

This is the conventional 3-pass smoke tube design steam boiler having an internal furnace. Less site work and better response to load fluctuations are the key features which make it a truly packaged boiler. This comes in dry-back or wet-back options and is most suitable for manual firing, of coal wood or briquettes.

This three packaged boiler is most suitable to burn fuels like heavy/light oil & Gas. The high combustion volume and large water and steam holding capacity and superior design features make it an ideal choice for efficient operations.

This is a unique design membrane water wall type boiler combining the advantages of water-tube and smoke tube designs. Proven technology of fully sealed water wall membrane, which is used worldwide for better heat recovery, has been incorporated to provide the high efficiency of this model.

Revosteam is a conventional forced-circulation type water tube coil type boiler incorporating the unique principle of combustion as “Reverse Flow”. This increases the combustion efficiency of and allows a high rate of heat release. It can be offered in both IBR & Non-IBR designs.

Fluidtherm is synonymous with high reliability and high efficiency longer equipment life and lower operational & maintenance costs. It is a Thermic Fluid Heater.

Hot-water Air/Generator:
They are high-efficiency heating equipment, available for all options. They are designed for rugged industrial usage. They are ideal for hotels, hospitals, & hostels. The direct hot/water air available without any exchanger.

ELECTRA – Electrode Type steam boilers are manufactured as a packaged unit mounted on a chassis. The installation comprises the fitting of the steam pipe, cold feed, blowdown, drain, safety valve, air vent pipe and the connection of the electrical supply.

Technical Support:
We ensure that your system is safe; it maximizes your efficiency and minimizes your downtime. Our trained technicians keep your system in top health.

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