Thermic Fluid Heaters – Fluidtherm


Fluidtherm is the most reliable and efficient fluid heating system, desirable for high process temperatures operating at low temperatures. Thermic fluid heaters offer higher efficiency, lower operational and maintenance costs. It can improve process consistency and reduce downtime leading to further increase in profitability.


The Hot Thermic fluid is circulated in a closed circuit by means of a high temperature circulating pump. Effective combustion heats up the Thermic Fluid (up to 300’c) and then that heat is transferred to the process through an appropriate heat exchanger at user’s end. This system is adaptable to precise temperature control. A combined de-aerator cum expansion tank eliminates the gases liberated from the fluid during heating and absorbs the fluid’s expansion during the heating process.

Various options of fuels are available like oil, gas, wood, coal, rice husk & other agro-waste fuels, thereby providing full flexibility and low operational energy costs.



  • High Capacity Heating System
  • Fully automatic unit – Maintains the desired temperature of thermic fluid
  • High System Efficiency – Reduced operating cost.
  • Best applicable for High Temperature Heating
  • Can attain temperatures upto 300 o C
  • Minimum site work and ease of installation
  • Can operate on variety of fuels as per local availability
  • Failsafe design and dependable safety instruments
  • Rugged design and superior construction
  • High flow rate insures higher life of thermic fluid and heater coil
  • Backed by prompt and efficient after sales service
  • Deaerator/Expansion Tank Integral Arrangement type


Fluidtherm is available in capacities from 1 Lac Kcal/hr to 25 Lac Kcal/hr

Applications of Thermic Fluid Heaters

Chemicals, Textiles, Plastic and rubber, Plywood and Laminates, Metal Finishing, Food Industry, Packaging, Oils, Confectionery etc.