May 31, 2016

Hot Air Generator | Model Thermair

Hot Air Generator – Thermair Hot Air Generator Enquery

Hot air generator, Thermair, consists of a shell and tube type heat exchanger which is duly insulated to prevent radiation losses.

Hot Air Generator - ThermairThermodyne Engineering Systems Hot Air Generator-Thermair has 2 different designs depending on the required capacity.

Smaller capacity Hot Air Generators-Thermair are a smoke tube type design in which flue gases flow in the tubes while Hot Air flows over the combustion chamber and smoke tubes.

Large capacity Hot Air Generator-Thermair is an air tube type design in which air flows in the tubes while flue gases flow over the tubes.

The ventilation blower fitted alongside blows fresh air over the combustion chamber and the set of smoke tubes. In oil-fired or gas-fired options, an imported mono-block type fully automatic burner is provided for combustion of fuel.

Hot Air Generator-Thermair can also be offered in solid fuel firing options. A dust-proof, pre-wired control panel is also supplied as a standard supply to control the operation of the unit based on customer requirements.

Heating Options:

Thermodyne Engineering System can provide you with various types of fuel options with your hot air generator such as:-

  • Liquid Fuels – Light oil / Heavy oil
  • Gaseous fuels – LPG or CNG
  • Solid Fuels – Coal or Wood or Briquettes

Depending on these fuels, Thermodyne Boilers has different designs of hot air generators. Thermodyne manufacture both Internal Furnace as well as External Furnace Hot Air Generators and also manufacture Hot Water Generators.

Internal Furnace is suited for smaller capacities and generally for Liquid or gaseous fuels and wood/Coal/Briquettes, while the External furnace is suited for fuels which are fired automatically such as petcoke or husk. In case of wood /coal/husk fired, hot air temperature as high as 3000C can be achieved while in case of diesel or gas-fired, the temperature of about 350­­0C can be achieved in our indirect fired Hot Air Generator


  • Fully automatic unit
  • Trouble free operation.
  • Outside the purview of IBR.
  • High System Efficiency
  • Clean and controlled hot air available.
  • High productivity in processes
  • Minimum site work and ease of installation

Thermodyne Thermair has various applications, it can be used in various process industries such as gypsum board factories for drying gypsum boards, various sugar industries or agro waste industries for drying bagasse and agro waste in order to remove moisture from it. It is also used in dryers in various chemical industries to evaporate the moisture content from chemicals.

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Hot Air Generator Capacity:-

Thermodyne Engineering Systems Hot Air Generator, Thermair, is available in capacities from 30,000 Kcal/hr to 35 Lac Kcal/hr.

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