Steam Boiler for Plywood Industry | Why is boiler needed in Plywood Industry

 Why is boiler needed in Plywood Industry:

The boiler is required in Plywood industry to dry the moisture content in the wood. After the removal of moisture, ply becomes strong and long-lasting. For removal of moisture, drying operations are carried out. Moisture content may be different in various kind of plys so the time taken to dry the moisture may vary. The time required for removal of moisture would depend upon the thickness and density of wood.

Various Methods are used to dry the plywood. One of the most commonly used methods is steam contact methods. In this method steam obtained from the boiler is directly used to dry the plywood.

Boiler in Plywood Industry

Thermodyne Boiler Installed in Plywood Industry

The other method used is by the heat from the Thermic Fluid HeatersThermic Fluid Heaters are heating equipment, used in industry where heat transfers are primary need of process instead of pressure.

Drying is carried out in the plywood industry mainly for two major products, one Plyboards and second peeled wood sheets like veneer. Depending on the thickness boards take more time to dry in comparison to veneer sheet.

The boiler is used in various processes in wood processing industries:

  • Disinfect: To cleanse of infections and destroy Deemak
  • Extraction: Extraction in chemistry is a separation process consisting of the separation of a substance from a matrix.
  • Drying: By removal of moisture wood would become strong, stable and long-lasting.
  • Curing: Curing Also involve drying by addition of certain salts for toughening and hardening of Planks
  • Sterilizing: Refers to the elimination of fungus, bacteria, spores by the method of dry heating.
  • Packaging: For making packaging material so that plywood can reach the market securely
  • Wood Preservation: wood will have become strong and long-lasting. 
  • Anti flaming: fire retardant treatment for wood and timber is done to make its lifespan long
  • Mothproof: Chemical treatment so as to repel wood moth that can spoil the wood.
  • Coking: To convert wood into coke which is used as fuel.
  • Degrease:  To remove grease or oil from the surface to give a matt finish.

We, at Thermodyne Boilers, have manufactured, supplied and commissioned Steam Boiler for Plywood Industry for many of our Clients. And their continuous operation with time has ensured the reliability that we consistently work upon.

Specification and types of Boilers for plywood industry manufactured by Thermodyne Boilers:

  1. Thermic Fluid Heaters:Thermic Fluid Heater

It is unique design most efficient and highly effective heating equipment

Capacity: 1 Lac Kcal/hr50Lac Kcal/hr 

Fuel: Wood, Coal, Bagasse, sawdust etc  

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  1. Combi Boiler:Combi Boiler for Plywood

Combi boiler is a combination of a water tube boiler and smoke tube boiler.

Capacity: 1 TPH to 15 TPH

Pressure: upto 21kg/Cm2

Fuel: Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse,

Groundnut shells, Petcoke, and several other fuels

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  1. Packaged Boilers:Packaged Boiler

It is unique design conventional 3 pass smoke tube design internal furnace packaged type boilers.

Capacity: 0.3 TPH to 4 TPH 

Pressure: upto 21kg/Cm2

Fuel: Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse,

Groundnut shells, Petcoke and several other fuels

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  1. Combi Ultra BoilerCombi Ultra Boiler

It is skid mounted compact design Combi Boiler.

Capacity: 1 TPH to 15 TPH

Pressure: upto 21kg/Cm2

Fuel: Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse,

Groundnut shells, Petcoke and several other fuels

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How to Select a Boiler for Plywood Industry:

  • Calculate or determine the capacity of the Steam Boiler: The boiler capacity must be based on the heating load including the heat losses in boiler or pipelines
  • Calculate or determine the boiler heating parameters (Pressure, Temperature etc.)
  • Determine the Steam Boiler Efficiency: For economical benefits, the boilers must have high thermal efficiency, the boiler output, quantity
  • It is better to select the Steam Boilers with required capacity and combustion equipment based on proper calculations.
  • The design of the boiler should be efficient and as per the requirement of the industry

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