Quality Policy Processes

We maintain high-Quality Policy Processes standards in all products and services to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Quality is ensured at all stages:

        • Rigorous Inspections of all incoming raw materials and bought-out components from our vendors.
        • Design stage verification to meet the IBR code for manufacture and material selection.


      • In-process Quality checks by qualified and trained engineers to meet the design parameters and general engineering practices, in addition to the statutory requirements.
      • Final inspections of ready equipment to ensure conformance to specifications and drawing details.
      • Pre-dispatch inspections to ensure complete and correct dispatch of items and materials to customers.

Policies we follow:-

We are committed to manufacture & supply products of consistent quality and to ensure customer satisfaction. Our endeavour is to:

      • Maintain and strive to enhance quality and cost competitiveness of our products through continual improvements.
      • Ensure quick and timely delivery of the products to the customers.
      • Have regular feedback and interactions with customers to fulfill their requirements.
      • Provide safe and clean environment at the workplace to all the employees to maintain their level of motivation.
      • Enhance knowledge and skill of employees at all levels of the organization through continuous training and development

Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.