How to Do Oil Burner Nozzle Cleaning Yourself

Cleaning & Servicing Boiler Oil Burner Nozzle

Step by step guide to clean oil burner nozzle cleaning in Boilers. Our Boiler Engineers explained in very simple language how to clean boiler oil burner nozzle. This DIY Guide will help you to clean oil nozzle yourself without taking any expert help.

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Step:1  Identify Oil Nozzle Assembly

Initially, the oil nozzle assembly looks like as shown in the figure

Oil Nozzle Assembly

Step:2 Unscrewing Nozzle

Now to start the cleaning process, firstly we have to separate the top and bottom part of the nozzle by unscrewing them.

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Unscrewing Nozzle

Step:3 Mild Scrub Nozzle Part

Take the bottom part it has a mesh-like filter wrapped around it. All the impurities get collected over this. Remove these impurities using a mild scrub and diesel until it looks cleaned and ready to filter again.

Take the top part now using Allen Key -4 unscrews the Atomizer assembly from it, as shown in the fig.

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Mild Scrub Nozzle Part

Step:4 Assemble Atomizer Assembly

Clean the Atomizer using Diesel ensures the guideways are cleaned properly. Clean the remaining dome-like top part of the nozzle using diesel, ensure that the hole is so cleaned that one could see through it.

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Now place the Atomizer assembly back in the Top part and tighten it using Allen key-4. And finally, assemble the top and bottom part of the nozzle to conclude the cleaning process.

Assemble Atomizer Assembly

We hope our guide will help you to do Oil Burner Nozzle Cleaning Yourself. If you need expert advice or boiler service or boiler AMC then contact our support team.

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