Company Profile

Thermodyne Engineering Systems

Thermodyne Engineering Systems (TES) is a trusted name in Indian Boiler Industry. We are an a leading engineering company which specializes in the field of process heat equipment like Steam boilers, Hot water generators, Thermic fluid heaters, Hot air generators,about-us Waste heat recovery boilers and allied products and its ancillaries like Chimney, ID & FD Fan etc. The entire range of boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc. is manufactured as per the guidelines provided by Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR). Our vast experience in the field of heating equipment helps in providing cost-effective solutions to the clients.

In today’s competitive market, industries need to contain their energy cost. Higher energy costs reduce profits and in some cases may even make the business uncompetitive. This is where we can contribute.

We can help by providing:

  • High Efficiency Boilers,
  • Energy Consultancy and
  • Customized Heating Solutions.

During last 15 years, more than 500 customers like L& T, Reliance, Merino industries, Metso, Goodluck Tubes etc have benefited from our products and services.

Through innovation and commitment to customer service Thermodyne Engineering Systems has been consistently changing the way customers think about steam boilers. Fuel Savings are not only important for margins, but also for Environment. Industries can count on Thermodyne Engineering Systems because we always believe in Enhancing Energy Efficiency.

To deliver the best results we make a comprehensive study of existing systems and devising methods, which can improve the cost efficiency of the system. Years of experience combined with extensive research about product innovation and development helps us in manufacturing a superior quality range. Pivotal importance is given to quality in our organization and immense care is taken in developing products to meet the end user requirements. We pay great attention to every single detail of product development to ensure that our clients are served with best industrial products with latest and cost-effective quality features.