Boiler Corrosion and Causes of Boiler Corrosion

What is Boiler Corrosion?

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Corrosion is a phenomenon in which atmospheric oxygen in the air or water reacts with the metal to form “oxides. Corrosion in industrial boilers is a phenomenon in which the oxygen that is dissolved in the water inside the boiler reacts with the metal of the steam boilers.

Ferrous component of the metal reacts with the atmospheric oxygen in the water to undergo oxidation. This oxidation results in the formation of ferrous oxides. Ferrous oxides lead to the formation of cavities and holes in the metal.

This gradual formation of cavities and holes in the metal is termed as pitting. Pitting is the main host for the corrosion which ultimately destructs metal and its properties.

Boiler Corrosion

Boiler Corrosion Image

Causes of Boiler Corrosion

  • Improper and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Exposure of boiler metal to dissolved gases present in boiler water
  • Oxygen present in boiler water
  • Carbon Dioxide present in boiler water
  • Unbalanced pH of boiler water
  • Improper and unscheduled maintenance
  • Exposure of metal to the dissolved gases i.e oxygen and carbon dioxide present in boiler feed water
  • Unbalanced pH of the water inside the Steam Boiler
  • Improper and unscheduled maintenance



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